White swimwear with contrasting blue marine figures

A swimwear for those who love to make the difference. Sea light blue colour on a sunny summer day, matched contrasting with the bright colours of someone who looks unique in that sea. Summertime hues and details enrich a key-piece for your holidays. Our swimsuits represent an unmissable must-have for summer for travels, free time and everyday moments to relax.



Beach shorts with coulisse
Characterized by mid-thigh length, it is soft and comfortable.
Rear pocket with strap closing flap and water emptying hole
“American” front pockets
Elastic waistband closing with external coulisse
100% polyester made
Made in Italy


Polyester is a light and breathable fabric. The inner lining makes it comfortable to wear.

Care and Maintenance

Handwash only. Do not use the dryer.Our clothing and accessories are created in Naples and exclusively made in Italy.

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